So 2020 hasn't been the year anyone thought it would be, obviously. I have found myself in a weird way, sort of back on maternity leave. Except now I am also working from home alongside my husband! We spent the first few months of lockdown juggling work and childcare, which wasn't as bad as we had expected and I loved having the extra time with Liam. He went back into nursery part time a few weeks ago and soon he will be back full time there, as we enter a more "normal" routine. 

Now that the lockdown is starting to lift, I wanted to share a post here on our life during this weird phase. The small things we noticed and appreciated. New parts of our area that we discovered and the extra time we spent together. 

This is my third blog post on #super_ordinary life. You can read my first ones here and here. I love this Instagram account and hashtag so much. It really does remind me to be present and that you can be inspired by the smallest things, which has been especially true during these past few months. 

Here is a photo diary of the first few months of 2020 ...



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