A little something different from me today....

I have been practising the art of calligraphy! And wow, is it something that takes patience and concentration. I was given this book last Christmas and after being slightly intimidated by it for almost a year.... I began to get my teeth into the wonderful world of calligraphy.

I knew it would be difficult and completely out of my comfort zone but I didn't anticipate how meditative or addictive it would be!

Adding little illustrations and washes of colour has made each piece feel more like "me". Giving me the abstract and free side to art that I missed when solely focusing on the lettering. 

Once I had filled in a bit of the book (it comes with test pages so you can try out different lettering styles and joining techniques) I felt at a bit of a loss for what to write next. 

I was watching the latest season of Abstract on Netflix and decided to start noting down my favourite quotes from the show. My plan is to use these words as practice runs for my calligraphy.

And then also the change into Autumn was happening and that gave me a fair amount of inspiration too!


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