Since becoming a first time Mama this past spring, I am spending a lot more time outdoors. I take Liam for a walk at least once a day, often when he is sleeping or absorbing the world by himself. I find it a nice time for us both to get a little reset. I like to listen to podcasts during this time, as well as taking in our surroundings. 

Pre-baby I travelled quite a lot but since having Liam, we are in our own neighbourhood way more than before and not venturing as far (you totally can explore with a baby, but we have chosen not to). Taking the same route every day can be monotonous so I mix it up as much as I can, as well as actively trying and appreciate the smaller details. It's been really interesting to watch as the seasons shifted from Spring to Summer and now Autumn. All while Liam grows and gets more curious about the world around him. 

This brings us to my second blog post on #super_ordinary life. You can read my first one here. I love this Instagram account and hashtag so much. It really does remind me to be present and that you can be inspired by the smallest things!

Here is a photo diary of my first six months on maternity leave...





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