At the beginning of February, I started my maternity leave. In this in-between stage of not being at work but also not being stuck in newborn life just yet, I spent my days' nesting, napping and Netflix-ing. I also worked on getting back my creativity and trying to be less impatient. I told myself to slow down and just enjoy these last few weeks of quiet alone time. 

Something that I found really useful for this last step, was taking daily walks and appreciating my surroundings. It is something that Lauren has spoken about a lot on the how she creates podcast and I found a new love for the practice as I stumbled across the #super_ordinarylife tag and account on Instagram.

I love the minimal, simple and effective images found under this tag. How easy it is to stop and see un-complicated and pleasing compositions all around you, in your ordinary life.

Here is a quick photo diary of my first few weeks on maternity leave... 

Mural in Leeds

How cool is this?! Torrie painted my citrus zest picture!


Sprinklings of Spring



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