Long time no posting (growing a human is pretty all-consuming!) let's have a creative catch up shall we? 

Doodle a day challenges (December + February)

I finished half of the December prompts before getting lost in a sea of festive feelings and after work naps...

I then decided to pick the challenge back up at the beginning of this month. I'm using magazines as my canvas and not putting any pressure on myself to finish the whole month, I'm just enjoying each prompt as it comes. 

Commissioned abstract piece 

Just after Christmas, I was approached by my Get Messy friend Moriah, to create a bespoke piece for her to gift. It was a really fun challenge as I'd never really worked in this way before, usually, I am either working to my own internal beat or a prompt. It's an experience I would love to do more of, so please contact me if you are interested in something being made especially for you!

The Sketchbook Project

Even though the deadline for this project has been extended to the end of March, I wanted to get it done before my own personal due date (!). It was sent off this week and I can't wait to share all of the pages with you all! Check out this post to see some of my progress at the rough half-way point. 

Decorating my home with my own art

I'm not sure why it took me so long to do this (is it a bit egotistical?) but I do love seeing these pieces dotted around my home. We have lived in our current house for 3x years and it is only this past summer that it started to really feel like "ours". Decorating and filling it up with personal artefacts like this have really helped. 

New abstract experiments

Creating purely for fun and seeing what happens! 

During my pregnancy, I lost almost all of my creative urge, energy and zest. A really unexpected and disconcerting symptom. I tried to keep making and creating but it was really tough and I felt very disconnected to what I was producing. It is only since the beginning of the new year that I have had my old creative energy flow back through me and it feels so good! I'm sure that playing around in my art studio with no pressures helped me to tap back into it.


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