Welcome to the mark making zine! A truly one-of-a-kind edition, made especially for Divyam. This zine was also extra special as I got to hand deliver it to Divyam, during our Get Messy meet up in London last week (!)

Original Zine Squad: Katie, Vanessa & Myself
Guest Ziner: Molly

The front cover
I added the felt tip squiggles and the small titles of "the" and "zine"

My collage and felt tip page on the left, Vanessa (?) on the right

A double spread of free flowing mark making 

Two collaged pages near the end 



You can find all of our other zines here and to see sneak peeks and progress shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram!
To learn more about zine squad, how we started and how we co-ordinate the process, listen to our podcast episode on how she creates here

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