It feels good to be blogging again! Creating again! My blog and art have taken a back seat since June, when I found out that I wasn't just bloated and "developing travel sickness", but actually pregnant.

I could become very introspective and say that my art usually has an abundance of energy in it and as I felt myself lacking in energy, creating didn't come easily or we could go very matter of fact and just say that morning sickness is awful (for me, anyways) and all I could do to lie around the house feeling sorry for myself. 

I did find myself itching for creative outlets though, wanting to document my pregnancy thus far through art. Which brings me to this blog post. At 20 weeks pregnant, I feel like I can reflect on the last few months and start to look forward to the remaining ones left. I plan to try and do this through my art so watch this space!


I have no idea or expectations of how my creative practise will continue to change during my pregnancy and motherhood, but I know that it is an outlet I crave so will try to carve out time for it and just lean into this new stage of life!


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