Hi, hello, ready for a catch up? 
I love having this blog as a place to share what I am getting up to in my creative life and I seem to be having a pretty busy time recently. Here's a catch up post to keep you updated with all my arty endeavours! 

I plucked up the courage to create some canvas pieces. Partly from the encouragement of the Get Messy community and partly  because I saw an exciting opportunity to have artwork displayed at a local coffee store. The coffee store's call out for artists specifically required art over or the same size as A3... cue a Friday dash to Hobbycraft and a few mad minutes prepping ideas to get something submitted before the deadline! 

Woke up an optimist (2)
- felt tip, oil pastel, watercolour and acrylic paint

The image on the right was selected to go in store and I can't wait to visit it!

I was featured in Uppercase magazine! I saw a call out for their "fresh" section, applied and was accepted! I'm yet to get my copy (I think it takes a while to get to the U.K) but it's so cool to know my artwork is in print and I can't wait to see it

In my quest to put myself and my art out into the world more, I contacted a local magazine about creative opportunities and was invited to illustrate an article for them. Independent Leeds is something I often pick up myself, so to have the opportunity to illustrate for them (a new challenge!) and then to see my artwork dotted around my home city was a real highlight for me 

I started The 100 day project! The project runs from April - July and challenges you to create something, anything for 100 days. I have taken part in the project for the past 3 years and this year chose to work around the theme of quotes. My project is 100 days of creative colourful quotes which you can follow here on Instagram, where I upload daily

 A few weekends ago I had a messy meet up in Manchester with Emma, a friend I have made through Get Messy. We wandered around the Northern Quarter looking at street art, spent up in Fred Aldous and ate brunch. I love meeting people from the Get Messy Community and can't wait to have more meet ups! 

 Another feature I have had recently is on the podcast How She Creates. I am an avid fan of the series and love to hear other peoples creative stories and tips on productivity. So I was beyond happy when Lauren (the host of the show) had me as a featured artist! You can listen to the podcast episode here

 This month my Etsy Store started to look a bit depleted (which is a good thing, because I was selling lots!) so I decided to add a few new pieces. I have a box of artworks I would like to sell and my new aim to get them all up on Etsy before the end of the 100 day project, because I am then going to sell every 100 day project piece I have made!

This past couple of months also saw my work feature in another magazine - Brush. I co-wrote an article with my Zine Squad team all about our collaborative art practise. You can purchase the physical or digital copy here

I took part in March Meet The Maker, a month long Instagram challenge where you talk about how and why you create. It was a great challenge and pushed me to make new things almost every day

March Maker - Day 23 from Julia Cusworth on Vimeo.

And finally, I started the newest Get Messy season - play!


My final update, I am ending the month with an European adventure! Travelling to Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna (all in 1 week) at the end of April. If you follow me on Instagram, expect lots of beautiful cakes and architecture on my stories and of course, a 100 second everyday video at the end of it all.

Any recommendations for these countries and cities, please send my way!


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