Back in 2016 I started a daily art diary. I called it my daily moleskine (because I was using a moleskine diary - original) and I loved it. It helped me daily document, deal with emotions and keep up an active art process. I repeated the same exercise for 2017, except for the last 2x months. In October, I came back from an amazing trip to Japan, completely and utterly obsessed with making abstract mixed media art. This obsession was all consuming and I literally had no desire or inclination to work in my daily art journal.

Flash forward to February 2018 and I felt grounded and settled in my art. Happily making abstract mixed media pieces that I adored and pushed me. I had found a balance with this new style and my old creative habits. 

Around the beginning of last month I started to feel a real need for my daily art practice again. I saw that Sarah Rondon had this beautiful journal from Kikki K and immediately knew I needed it.


So, back to the old format but with a new name. Last year when a few of my art friends joined the daily art movement, we gave it a hashtag for Instagram - #mydayarted (Thanks Vanessa for the title!) so that will be it's new name here on my blog too. 


Long intro over, here are February's pages... 


So many people have joined in with me for this project! Follow the tag #mydayarted on Instagram to see how everyone is documenting their 2018 and see all of my 2016 and 2017 entries here

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