I am so excited to share this collab with you all today. 
It is definitely up there with one of my favourite things I have worked on! 

I collaborated with my friend Harriet for a Wes Anderson themed journal. Harriett has a beautiful and precise illustrative style, it is so different to mine that I love how juxtaposed our styles look together. You can see all of Harriet's pages in her journal flip through here and visit her blog here

My pages were focused on the palette that Anderson uses for his films, 70's, sepia and pastel tinged. This was a new colour scheme for me - not as many shouty brights as I am used to! - but I enjoyed the challenge as well as the change of materials and colours.

Harriet's seahorse on the left - so intricate! 

My interpretation of the famous Mendls packaging on the right 

Abstract colour schemes and themes, the watermelon print is from some old wrapping paper i had, it fits perfectly here!

Fantastic Mr Fox

Colour themes

I had to illustrate my favourite scene from Moonrise Kingdom

Colour chips from old trend book re-purposed into Wes Anderson paint palette.. what a beautiful collection that would be!

Moonrise Kingdom

The Royal Tenenbaums

Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom giving me the best quote ever

A quote from Mr. Anderson himself

And we end on Zissou!



  1. Love these pages, what a fun journal project and idea!

    1. Thanks! It's been one of my favourites! I love your style, let me know if you'd ever want to work on a collab together :)