Today I am sharing with you another amazing class from Get Messy

Painting Galaxies is created by my friend and fellow Zine Squad member Katie Smith. Katie has a wonderful skill in creating intergalactic sky-scapes with her art tools and created this course, in conjunction with Get Messy to teach us mortals how to conjure up similar effects. I took the moons and abstracts lessons this weekend, to give you a flavour for what you can make from this course 

It will be of no surprise to those of you who are familiar with my work, that I was in love with the abstract galaxies concept and lesson. Swirling paint around on wet paper to mimic outer space? 

Yes please!

I created these galaxies using a mix of ink, watercolour and bleach

Paper quality is super important when creating pieces like this, as a damp page will help you get the swirly magical goodness. I used my Bluesky Papers journal for the abstracts and this watercolour paper from Daler and Rowney for the moons

Creating the moons was so much fun, I love the mix of results you get from just using the same technique, every time you apply pigment to water it will take differently

I layered the moons in my abstract galaxies

You can explore Painting Galaxies with Katie and Get Messy by signing up to the course here

It is actually on sale right now as part of black Friday BUT ENDS TONIGHT (27.11.17) !!!!! 


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  1. Jules! These paintings are pretty dang amazing for a mortal! ;) Just kidding.

    I absolutely love these! Thank you so much for sharing your work, I'm in love with these inky galaxies and I love how you adapted the techniques I shared to use with your favorite medium.

    1. Haha! Thanks girl! It was a fun class to explore <3