Today I am sharing with you my last colour in the colour blast 2017 series, crimson. You can see the rest of the series from the year here

Color Blast 2017:

Julia - Orange
Vanessa - Grey
Lauren Brown - Green
Lauren Blood - Purple
Moriah - Crimson
Sarah - Mint
Riet - Yellow

I went pretty original with my pages for this journal, all of them almost always being based around the theme of love. My page is on the left here - put love first

My page on the left, felt tip layers

I countered Lauren's London themed page on the left with this Rolling Stones inspired text on the right

Obviously we had some Taylor references

I drew this girl during my 100 day project and I am still pretty impressed how she turned out!

A slight deviation from crimson into pink watermelons... 

And we end on a bleeding heart, naturally


Crimson is now in Spain with it's original artist, Moriah. The next post we will share in this series is our last, showing each original journal in it's entirety.

Make sure to check out everyone else's posts today to check in with the other colours!

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