When I got back from Japan at the end of October, I set myself a new creative intention - actually my first ever. 

I wanted to explore abstract art. Ever since then, i have created small abstract pieces every week and I am currently trying to figure out how I can grow them in scale and size. 

This week, all my pieces started from a new set of neon sharpies that I got. I then layered on felt tips, oil pastel, watercolour and finally ink. 

This has been my sequential method of creating and I love that even though I am repeating the same recipe over and over... I am getting new results every time!

Firework - Orange

Bloom - Pink

Static - Yellow



  1. You might have to get some giant neon sharpies then ?! Loving these explosion of colour, keep it up. :)

    1. Giant neon sharpies?! The dream!!!!! Thank you for always such lovely comments :) <3