I am off to Japan for a few weeks and am taking this time as a reset and re boot for my creative self.

I had originally had planned to schedule and prepare blog posts for when I was away... but realised that I was working in a way I wasn't happy with to make this a reality. Pushing and forcing pages when I didn't feel like it (important sometimes but also damaging), working in a way that was too much like working. As I have become more and more involved in art journalling and creativity in my spare time I have un-intentionally turned it into a some what second career. This is a happy and amazing thing for me - to create and play alongside an encouraging and motivating community  but it can also be overwhelming and time consuming. I want to re-adjust my focus; what do I want to create.. really want to create. How can I push myself further?

Any ideas or thoughts on this, please leave me a comment! 

Whilst I am away, I am not stopping my art practice at all (and there will be a few pre-scheduled posts popping up). I plan to take a few things to Japan to help me document my time there, possibly will get involved with inktober (!) and am so excited about all the stationary! 

As for things I am working on when I return from my adventure that you'll see soon on this blog:  

Various collab journals

Galaxies course from Get Messy

Travel journal from Barcelona (so incredibly overdue!)

Newest Get Messy season - connections

And super exciting - I have an article on my daily journaling featured in Brush magazine

This is a new magazine by the talented Tanyalee and Get Messy

I'm planning on reading my copy on the flight to Tokyo and can't wait to get into all the articles.


Lot's to look forward too, especially with a (hopefully) clearer and inspired mind ...!

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