Whilst I was away, Get Messy started a new season - Connections. I purposefully kept my distance from the season as I really was craving some creative blank space. I just needed to clear my mind and took my break in Japan as just that; a real break.  

Now back, I spent the weekend pouring over the past 3 weeks of prompts that I had missed and started to think of what I wanted to create. Whilst doing this, I had a mini epiphany and I think I set a new creative goal - perhaps my first ever!

I have wanted to create large, abstract pieces of art for years. It is my favorite art form to look at and absorb as well as what I am attracted to the most. I think the artists who create these kind of works are so brave and inspire me constantly.  I have an Instagram folder called "art" and it is full of this style. Whenever I think about doing my own versions though...  I not only draw a blank but I also feel highly inadequate. I feel as if I can't translate my ideas into the pictures I want and I feel stuck. Not as good. Crap. Un-qualified. So I stop. I go to something easier and more known to me. I have never brought the canvases that I have been talking about working on for years. It's become a pipe dream. 

My abstract artists on Instagram dream list: 

Lauren Hooper
Sarah Hardy-Box
Heather Day
Rowena Martinich
It's Stefa
Suzy Lindow

But this weekend (for reasons really unknown to me, potentially a mix of the Get Messy webinars and just constant insta-stalking and jealously) I decided to get over myself and bite the abstract art bullet. Being a member of Get Messy has taught me and shown me time and time again how practice can perfect your art. How dedicating time to working on something can help you grow and nurture your style and develop a skill. Maybe the creative rut that I felt I was in was because I had reached the end of where I could go in my current creative format and I was craving something new, a fresh challenge and a new art form to explore.

So - I have purposefully decided to start this journey. To find my abstract style and become the artist I desire to be. 


The following pages I made all in one afternoon and I have learnt so much more from them than I ever could have learnt from just looking at other people's work on Instagram. I am so excited to see where this new venture takes me and I hope you will enjoy watching my style grow!  

I started safe with my favourite supplies; ink. 

Patterns I knew

Colour combinations I loved

I then added in these neon elements to see where there would take the pieces

Very heavily galaxy inspired - I am taking the galaxies class from Get Messy and will be writing a full review on it soon!

I then tried mixing in bleach as the last series was so dark 

I liked these but felt they were lacking somehow, I also couldn't connect them to my style

I then hit the jackpot of mixed media! 

A blend of felt tip, oil pastel and then ink

This is my happy place

Stronger colour combinations

Metalliac AND neon? 



I then had to stop as everything was drying and I literally had no space left in my art room

What a happy little pile of self discovery on a Saturday


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  1. This is so exciting. I love that you set yourself these intentions and then jumped right in. And I can feel your enthusiasm through your discoveries...which I love btw

  2. You might not realise this, but I have been looking up to you as one of my favorite abstract artists all this time. So, I am excited to see you discover yourself, new color and medium combinations, and see you grow in your art!

    1. That's just crazy to me Sasha... but thank you! <3