Week 4 of fairy tales! 

Galaxy Queen
- watercolour, pen, collage

I used Katie's free galaxy lesson to create the galaxy's here. I don't love them.. I think i would prefer inky rather than watercolour galaxies (going to try that idea for sure!) and I think the book paper was a little too porous

I do however, enjoy the distorted overhead dreamy landscape they give my daydreaming queen

Galaxy close up

- collage, felt tip

- collage, pen

Ruby red apples, make up and tattoos. Thinking about old stories and new ones merging, how we express them (externally, internally) 

This quote is from my favourite childhood tale, Hansel and Gretel. I used my own straw and ink technique for the woodland background, which I shared this week on the Get Messy blog. Obviously, the wolf was hiding in this ink forest... 

Sneak peek of more inky trees from the tutorial!


Read more about my cast of characters for this season here


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  1. Love the pages! I find galaxies either work spectacular well or are a dud! I really enjoyed playing with my inks and making the forest from your tutorial.

  2. I had to pause the tutorial and make an inky forest ! Taking a study break to look at your gorgeous journals, so happy you share them. Emily x

  3. I love the little glimpses of stories, they are like very short short stories and they make me want to follow the words into the dark