Today I am sharing with you my second to last colour in the colour blast 2017 series. You can see the rest here!

Color Blast 2017:

Julia - Orange
Vanessa - Grey
Lauren Brown - Green
Lauren Blood - Purple
Moriah - Crimson
Sarah - Mint
Riet - Yellow

This is the purple journal, belonging to and started by Lauren. Purple is one of my favourite colours, I often have purple hair and find myself attracted to many purple things so I was happy to work solely with the colour.

A deceleration of my love for purple - i think it is probably my aura colour. That or some sort of berry red... 

My ink splatter on the left

I played on this fun circle cut out using my tombows and paint chips from Valspar

Garden vines

Not sure who did this woman - I think maybe Sarah? But I added her pink lips, hair and expressive lines

Another Valspar paint chip addition! This time paired with collaged scraps and felt tips shapes

Felt tips and Ink stripes (learn more patterns and techniques like this in my class!)

A collection of those same scraps. 


Purple is now in London with Lauren Pearl for it's final pages to be made!

Make sure to check out everyone else's posts today to check in with the other colours!

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