My first month of this year long project is done! 

I am really enjoying the process of setting up each shot, thinking and writing my captions and the interactions they bring from the Instagram community - #julias52portraits

August looked like this: 



This week I turned 29 and decided to record the last year of my twenties with self portraits. I am taking a class created by get messy and @dansmoncrane called 52 portraits. Each week, for the next year, I will be sharing a portrait of myself set around a theme. I am excited and scared for this challenge (!) I am also excited and scared about nearly being 30. I feel like it means nothing but also like the end of my twenties is the end of some sort of “it's ok to fuck it up because you're still learning” free pass. Let's see how this goes !!



When you say to your friend “I’m doing this project of self portraits, can we sit at the edge of the bed and look at each other whilst I set the timer even though we’re in our pyjamas and been out dancing at a gig all night and I’m going to put it on the internet” and she says “ok”. That’s over 10 years of friendship, understanding and love for you in one single moment. Every time we meet, it’s like no time has passed and that to me is untouchable in its worth. I miss her always and love that we now have an adopted phrase for it; together forever, never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.


Vintage Loving

I have a strong affiliation with vintage. I put meaning into objects and like to give old things new homes. Past fashions intrigue me, eras I will never experience but romanticise in my mind. My home is full of this; from grandparents, charity shops and vintage stores. Old memories in new settings, tales as old as time being resold.



Happiness in a flower. I remember being little and growing sunflowers so high they reached my bedroom window (this could be my overactive Roald Dahl inspired imagination exaggerating a little here!) But the fact of it is this; they remind me of being small, of my grandparents garden, of my favourite season, of my birthday, of joy and warmth. They stretch to the sun and perk up any space or environment. They are my favourite and can't quite put into words how happy I am when they start appearing every summertime. I am a summer baby and it has always been my season. Every winter and spring I am waiting in anticipation for it to come back around and sunflowers are the sign of it’s arrival.


"52 portraits is a photography course in self discovery by Vanessa and is hosted through Get Messy Art Journal whom I am an affiliate for. The course is a year long journey in using photography and words to turn your reflection inward and capture who you are at this phase in your life. Learn more and join the course here"

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