After the end of the 100 day project and creating art for 100 days straight I felt like I needed another project to fill that void. I put a call out on my Instagram for anyone who wanted to work on some collaborative journals with me and other artists... I was overwhelmed by the response!! 

I have 12 collaborative art journals happening. Most of them revolve around the themes in my call out post (image below) but some became their own projects after brainstorming with respondents. 

Some are with just one person and others a collective effort. I am going to share updates on my blog as they all progress, starting a few weeks ago with the sun and moon love letters that I am working on with Moriah.

This post is sharing with you my three witch based journals - I also have a fourth, love letters x witches with Riet that is still work in progress! Witches fascinate me so I was super interested to work on so many journals based on the topic. 

Witches - A collab with @harrietalicefox

Witches - A collab with @sunraysister, @aleagueofherownart and @theachen

Witches - A collab with Vanessa


I can't wait to see these journals fill up with amazing art from everyone who is working with me! 

To see more sneak peeks etc, follow me and my collaborators (all tagged in this post) on Instagram

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