Today's post is my 5th in the color blast series - a group of colour themed journals that are literally travelling the world through the artists listed below.

Yellow is one of my favourite colours (especially the neon shade!) so working in this journal was really fun for me! 
I also enjoyed the size of the journal itself; narrow and skinny, a new format for me which I liked more than I had anticipated. 

Color Blast 2017:

Julia - Orange
Vanessa - Grey
Lauren Brown - Green
Lauren Blood - Purple
Moriah - Crimson
Sarah - Mint
Riet - Yellow

Yellow Diamonds
- ink, pen

Lemon Drops
- acrylic paint, stamps, pen

(left page) Working off the right hand wizard of oz text

Get Out
- ink, collage, felt tips, pen

(left page) I found this quote and just loved it - a more direct version of chin up buttercup!

- ink, felt tips

(left page) A yellow floral explosion!

Found Yellow
- collage

This is a joint double spread where we were prompted by Riet (the journals owner and originator!) to stick down yachting yellow. I failed at this so bad, I kept an eager eye out but nothing really appeared. My meagre efforts are a yellow post it and a yellow foam do-nut sticker! 


Make sure to check out everyone else's posts today to check in with the other colours!

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