A few weeks a go after the 100 day project was over, I put a call out on Instagram for anyone wanting to participate in some collaborative journals. Today I am sharing the start of one of these - I am actually working on 12 different collabs which is pretty insane and really cool! 

These are pages from sun and moon journal that myself and Moriah are working on. For this journal, I was creating pages from the moon to the sun and when Moriah gets it, she'll be answering as the sun; same for her journal to me. We thought up this theme under the umbrella of love letters, it's the most unrequited love you can get, right?!

A lot of my pages are minimal or prompts for Moriah to work off, I can't wait to see how she adds to it.


I'll be sure to update you when each journal is finished as well as the other collabs that are currently in the works!