I am so excited to share our latest zine from zine squad with you today! 

We made this zine for Lucia and after some low key insta-stalking of her, discovered how much she enjoys being outside in nature and woodlands. This in my mind naturally linked to folklore and the stories that come from the forest. Luckily, Lucia is really interested in Folklore so the zine fitted her perfectly!

I started this zine, so am sharing with you my pages before it got sent off to the other artists, as well as the finished zine. Everyone really embellished on the pages of this edition, it's my favourite thing to see the evolution. 

Original Zine Squad: Katie, Vanessa & Myself
Guest Ziner: Stephanie


As the zine left me:


The finished zine:


Be sure to check out the rest of the squads pages today too!


You can find all of our other zines here and to see sneak peeks and progress shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram!