This October Mark and I are travelling back to Japan and cannot wait!!! 

I posted a blog a few weeks ago, detailing our time in Tokyo and this post is about our visit to Kyoto.

When we went

We sandwiched Kyoto in between our Tokyo trip. Same as we will doing this year, just for longer this time around. It was late May; lovely, summery and bright. 
This year we are returning in October and I am so hoping that we can see some changing leaves, the reason we are going back during autumn is because I saw an image of Kyoto in full orange glory! 

Where we stayed

We had a hotel a little way out of Kyoto. Where we stayed had the option of a traditional styled room, with tatami mats and a rolled bed, so it was relaxing and a real contrast to our tiny air bnb in Tokyo! The hotel was situated in it's own woodland grounds, with a shrine and gardens. It suited us perfectly for the few days we were there, but being outside of the centre meant we felt we didn't see as much of Kyoto as we could have. 
This time, we have an air bnb in Kyoto, so will hopefully get a better feel for the city itself.

Favourite parts

All the nature! Seeing a geisha in real life, climbing mountains, renting bikes, exploring food markets, sunset strolls... 

Missed opportunities

So many! We were only in Kyoto for two full days so we saw the Fushimi shrine, Bamboo forest and Nishiki market. We missed the golden shrine (kinkaku-ji) and would loved to of explored Kyoto a bit more. There is so much history in the city, I feel like we only skimmed the surface. 

2017 ideas

Find a cemetery to look around, I love to visit graveyards and see how different cultures commemorate their loved ones. I saw a glimpse of a cemetery in the bamboo forest but would like to dedicate more time to one, and I have already found quite a few !

Spend some time in Gion and the older parts of Kyoto's city. 

Try and sneak in a day trip. On our way back to Tokyo we would like to stop off somewhere for a bit more Japanese countryside. maybe Nara, Hakone or the foothills of Mt Fuji.

If you have any recommendations for Kyoto - please leave them below! 

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