This year, each season of Get Messy Art Journal includes an artist in residence. For our last season  - season of colour - it was the wonderful Katie Licht. I have been a fan of Katie since the beginning of Instagram (seriously, where did we find art to lust over before?!) and was really excited when it was revealed she would be doing a live webinar! 

Unfortunately, I missed the actual live recording of it, but was able to catch up this week, luckily for me the webinar is still available on the Get Messy site for members.

I had a great time listening to Katie talk about her process and showing us her art journals, whilst creating Licht-inspired collages myself.

I need a... 
- collage, felt tips

I got this super sassy stamp a couple of years ago and have recently re-discovered my love for it! 

- collage, stamps

I also used a lot of my Japanese stamps in these pages they were both from the store Loft in Tokyo on sale for about £1 each (!!!!!!)

The Story
- collage

Adding to one of my 100 day project girls

What to do
- washi tape, collage, pen

The birdhouses come from some very old Paperchase wrapping paper that I can't bear to part with. It reminds me of something moomin-esque

I'm not here right now
- collage, chalk pen, washi tape, stamps

A heavier collaged piece on the left, utilising that sassy stamp again on the right! 


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