It's the final week of my favourite season ever! 
I am so sad for colour to be over, I have loved it so much and felt really connected to each weeks pages. 

This week was a bit hectic for me, I was away in the middle of it having a casual messy meet up with Queen V
I have been internet friends with Vanessa for about 3 years so it was really just amazing to meet her in person. We explored London together (I introduced her to Pimms!) and  then met up with more messians in the evening for a sketchbook show and tell. 

Seeing people you know online in real life is so special, meeting V really was like catching up with an old friend <3

I can't wait to (hopefully!) meet more messians in the future! 

Therefore, my pages for this week are a little later than usual but they are done. 
I am forever bound to and dedicated to my get messy habit ! 

As I was feeling a little rushed to make these pages, I concentrated all the prompts into one anthropologie leaflet. 
It featured the same model in abstract backgrounds so I explored every new set-up as a response to each prompt. 

- oil pastel, ink, watercolor, collage

exploring colours I love (berry pinks, reds, yellow) and hate (brown - eww)

- felt tips

- oil pastel, label maker

I am currently having a real involvement with oil pastel

- watercolour

We now enter our two week break before the next season. I will be creating weekly as usual but without any real theme. 
I like to use this time to go back through the season and examine anything I think I might have missed. 


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