I am seriously loving this season so much! 

Any excuse to get my rainbow soul out there and onto a page! 

Soft is strong
- felt tips, washi tape, collage

I wrote one of the prompts this week, to think about colours that are non-bright. I hated it, I didn't want it in my technicolor season that is evolving! This was the last page I made and layering my pastel highlighters actually gave me this strong pattern which is awesome. So a note to myself - sometimes soft can be strong. Remember that.

Always bright
- oil pastel felt tip, ink

Back in my blue sky journal! I wanted to represent a firework of colour using mixed media tools and I'm super happy with the outcome. 

I think I could make so many patterns from these two pages.. !

One in every colour
- ink, felt tips, collage

Our guest artist for this season is Katie Licht, her artwork is a collage dream and inspired this (my favourite from this week) page. 

I added in some interactive elements. A new thing for me that could easily become a common thing for me!

Lastly, we were prompted to think of a world without colours. Aka, not a great place. My main concern when thinking about this non-existent world would be how to express yourself? Colour is so communicative and emotional... would we use shape instead?

I made all of my pages in a Thursday night flurry. I was in a pretty ecstatic mood which I think comes across in my art! My reason for being so excited was that this week my class Pen + Ink was released on the Get Messy site. It's a big accomplishment for me and the result of a lot of learning and love. Check out my post here all about it!


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