Week 2 of the season of colour! This week I was creating pages with two of my all time favourite mediums; ink and digital. 

- ink, oil pastel, pen 

Exploring my favourite colour(s). I have always struggled with the notion of favourites. I tend to love something then discard. Or happily switch up how I'm feeling on any given day. Purples, pinks and berry type colours I am always drawn to though. As well as black and yellow. But the challenge here was to just choose and use one!

Line, Dot
- sharpie, oil pastel, ink

Thinking about people in my life and colours I associate with them. I also pushed this into pattern as well. This was my favourite art excersie I have done in a long time! I had a bit of a revelation here as well, see how my first two people clash?! This is representitive in real life and fascinated me how it came out in the artform as well. 

No flowers grow
- collage, photoshop 

Never one to stay within set guidelines.. .this is my take on mixing monochrome with one colour. I got a little carried away and added a rainbow it seems!


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