As I mentioned in my previous post, we are starting a new season in the Get Messy Art Journal Community - The Season of COLOUR!

As a real rainbow kind of artist, I am so excited !!! 

More is More!
- felt tips, watercolour, ink, acrylic paint

Responding to Iris Apfels' famous quote. That lady is seriously my icon! I recently watched a documentary about her life that I documented here and I couldn't of been more inspired!

- felt tips, ink, watercolour, pen, collage

Thinking about how emotions can manifest themselves through colour and using my fave, Taylor Swift to illustrate this. 

What can you create? 
- felt tips, ink, collage

I made this spread after watching Vanessa's video tutorial (this is actually a quote from it!). 
Again, the subject being finding your current self through colour. How to show yourself, right now, in the spectrum.  

I felt like blue and orange were the perfect contrasts to reflect my recent feelings of torn joy. I spoke about this in my recent daily moleskine post too - that feeling of one thing going great to only be counteracted by something not so great a few days later. It can make me feel unsettled but also quite determined!

I'm finally using my bluesky papers sketchbook !!!!

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