Get Messy has just announced it latest season, season of colour! (Surely going to be my favourite ever) 

The season will officially start next Monday but as a prequel to it, myself and some of the other creative team members are taking part in a blog hop.

We are all creating pages using just one colour each. To get us ready, enthused and thinking about the new theme. My colour was green - not a colour I am traditionally drawn too (I am more a berries and citrus kind of girl) but a colour with so much scope and vibrancy. I used my giant A3 sketchbook to create a sort of mind-map journal spread. 

I started by gathering all my green art supplies

Played around a little

Added this quote, and I was finished!

To connect to us all in the blog hop, you now need to visit Ashley's blog here.

We hope you will all join us for the season of colour, I can't wait to get started!


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  1. I love your loose playful splattered approach so much!

  2. You are the only artist who can make me like green!

  3. Love that green viney, leafy, cutout thing!! Yum!!

  4. I am not crazy about green but this is the perfect season to give it a try.

  5. This season was MADE for you! Cannot wait to see everything you create! xx E.

  6. Love the freshness of these greens...I can feel already that this is going to be an awesome season!

  7. I love everything about this page- your paint smears, that quote..... :)