Season of contrast is over! 

Here is a collage to represent my get messy habit - I contributed, participated and shared art each week for this season of contrast. 

I will spend these next two weeks going back through tutorials and prompts that I missed during the season.

- felt tips

A wonderful tutorial by Misty on using different scales in your journal. The OM sound being the biggest sound in the universe was something Misty mentioned in her video and it resonated with me. I have become more and more into yoga over the past few years and last week participated in this OM project by Yoga with Adriene - it just seemed right to put it here in my journal.

Give your brain a break 
- pen, oil pastel, acrylic paint & ink

This repeating layered pattern is something I keep coming back to again and again 

A mix of materials made up this page

Summer Vibes
- felt tips, acrylic paint & ink 

I created my girls by using Sasha's face printing tutorial. It was awesome and so much more effective than I thought! 

I loved creating a meditative jungle for this girl, it had a calming effect on me as I chose the appropriate colours and brushstrokes. 

Again with the repeating pattern marks. 


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  1. So happy you tried the tutorial and soooo happy you enjoyed it! :) <3