We are almost at the end of this current season with get messy; season of contrast.

I've enjoyed it a lot, especially the webinar we had with the season guest artist, Amy Maricle
I found her style so different yet inspiring to mine. 

I have unintentionally approached this season with more focus on colour, texture and pattern than I would traditionally. 
Same for the previous season, art 101. I think maybe it's just where my head is at right now but I would like to integrate more actual journaling into my pages. This always has been and remains my aim since joining get messy!

That's life
- ink & acrylic 

Taking inspiration from a prompt written by Riet
The rough and the smooth, the linear and the round. 

oil pastel, ink & acrylic

Each season, as a get messy creative team member, I share a tutorial based on the seasons theme. This season, I shared a tutorial all about contrasting materials and how to use them happily together on a page. One was oil pastel and ink which I have embellished on the left page here. Drawing the zags over the top and then turning them into a pattern on the right hand side is a very meditative and relaxing habit for me. 

It's a trap
- acrylic, washi, collage & pen

Thinking again of contrasting elements, the rough and the smooth. here I was mimicking the sea and the land. soft waves and spiky trees. My inner monologue ramblings on two post its are me trying to shoe horn journaling into my art practice. 

Boom, Clap
- acrylic, felt tips & pen

Another edition from my get messy tutorial. I just added the lyrics and lines over the top for some added contrast. 
I love these bright colours and the bleed between the two materials. 

Tools from this week


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  1. Your inner monologue journaling is great. I am trying to add actual journaling onto my pages more as well.

    1. Thanks Katie - it's a challenge though tight?!