At the risk of sounding about 10000, this year is just flying by!

 I have a few busy months coming up but I am going to try and maintain my daily entries in a month by month sequence. Last year, it all fell out of place and I had to batch my posts in seasons (Autumn,Spring etc.) This was OK but I feel more in control and less pressured when i am working on a monthly timeline.

Anyway, April.

 The month when you think its summer then suddenly have to grab all your coats and jumpers again because it's hailing.

A trip to the Chinese supermarket and ridiculously kawaii stickers from Vanessa!

I am born in the year of the dragon, which made this hyper real dream even more poignant for me. 

Shout out to OC alumni Lo, for this nugget of advice I am trying to take on board. 


So many people have joined in with me for this year! Look for the tags #mydayarted and #dailymoleskine on instagram to see how my friends are documenting their 2017.

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