2x years ago I won this beautiful journal from bluesky papers.

 It was through an instagram art challenge hosted by Courtney Burden, #makeyourmarkaug. 
There were a lot of different people participating in the project and I felt so lucky to be chosen as the winner!

It's hate to admit this.. but there is not one single page completed, not even a dab of ink or paint. 
I get frustrated with myself that I can't seem to get out of my head and into the pages.

I am searching for the perfect project. I am not wanting to ruin a beautiful gift that I worked really hard for. 
I am feeling un-deserving. It is easier to leave it blank.

I even had it engraved with my favourite "get out of you head!" quote for this very reason!

Any advice on how to get over this hump or what to use the journal for would be greatly appreciated.... 

I don't want to hold on to it empty for 2x more years!