This will be my third year of partaking in the 100 day project. 
My first was 100 days of happy colour - daily photographs of colourful things I found or curated. 

Last year I challenged myself to be more creative and my project was 100 days of felt tips
Creating a new drawing / doodle or art journal page every day with my favourite medium. 

This year, as an extra challenge to myself, I am going to be drawing for the project. 
Or as I am calling it; 100 days of trying to draw! 

Drawing is a skill I have been trying to gain on and off for years. I took life drawing when I was in college and every now and then I feel filled with an enthusiasm to better myself and to exercise the muscle. 

A number of things keep me from doing this though:

1) I am not naturally good at drawing 
2) I have to focus
3) It is hard
4) I have more failures than successes
5) I get frustrated 

So I am going to just suck up all of these things and give myself a challenge that I can (hopefully) see real progress from! 

I attended a life drawing class last week to try and start thinking more about drawing and to prep myself for these 100 days. I really enjoyed it and found myself thinking of various ways to use the techniques we were taught. 

Using just charcoal isn't really my style but concentrating on drawing, for solid periods of time with only one medium  helped my sketches look more realistic. For the 100 day project I will try and marry my colourful and eclectic aesthetic with this practise of stillness, observation and simplicity. 

If anyone has taught themselves how to draw / how to improve at drawing, please share your journey with me! I am in need of all the help I can get as I commit myself fully to 100 days!


  1. I'll be cheering you on!!

  2. Anything connected to drawing - I'm all ears and eyes! So excited for your journey! I am sure you will learn more than you expected in 100 days! I am trying to teach myself to sketch these days. :)