We have started a new get messy season! For the next six weeks, all of my get messy art will based around the theme of contrast. It's a really open theme so I'm interested where the prompts, inspiration and tutorials will take me.. 

Dark / Light
- watercolour, ink & acrylic

I had created this page from week one of our previous messy season (art 101) but didn't like it. I painted over the top with a mix of acrylic and ink. I love how you get multi colour bleed through. This is a representation of any hard times in my life; little stripes of multicolouredness peeking through darkness.

- collage, pen, ink & washi

Thinking about possessions in our life; things and people. 

Forever in my own mind
- ink, acrylic, collage, washi & pen

A simple statement that is something I come back to again and again in my journalling. 
I made the background by making a relief print from my first page. 


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  1. Really delicious colors and texture! Love that page about minimalism!