Todays post is my 4th in the color blast series - a group of colour themed journals that are literally travelling the world through the artists listed below.

Mint was the colour I was most apprehensive about, I don't use it often and on a personal level, don't really connect with it. 

So it was a surprise to myself that I made all of the pages (and loved them) in this post in less than an hour!

Color Blast 2017:

Julia - Orange
Vanessa - Grey
Lauren Brown - Green
Lauren Blood - Purple
Moriah - Crimson
Sarah - Mint
Riet - Yellow

This is part of some wrapping paper that I have been hoarding and using sporadically in journals for about 8 years. 
Fun fact - it was from my 20th birthday when I discovered that my now-husband / then-new boyfriend chose (and still chooses) ridiculously good gift wrap. Thank you paperchase!

The next page says "Go!" so i created this collaged prequel

I added the little watercolour collaged pieces to Sarah's page

I found this magazine image on the right and thought it suited Vanessa's page on the left. 
Also, super proud of myself for mixing that mint colour acrylic!

My absolute favourite page - the most fun to create and look back at!