I am in my second year of creating daily for my daily moleskine project as well as the second year of partaking in a creative 100 day project. I also am an active member of get messy art journal.

One of my favourite things about get messy is that you get prompts each week to create from. These prompts are based on a theme, from whatever season the program is in (for example, we are currently in the season of contrast) and they work as an excellent springboard for imaginative and creative pages. Sometimes i can completely go off on a tangent in what i create for get messy, but i am almost always inspired by the prompts.

When creating for my own individual projects, without these prompts, sometimes I can hit a brick wall. I have no idea what or how I want to say and scouring Pinterest and instagram without purpose can be overwhelming.

Here is a quick list of what I turn to when I feel this way, hopefully this can help anyone else struggling too!  

1.What have you dreamed of recently?

Sometimes I sketch my dreams out, or just write them down, play by play.

2.What are you listening to?

3.Real Words

Have you had any inspiring or annoying conversations with people recently? Or listened to any podcasts?

4.Is there anything in the news that resonates with you?

5.What is today?

World earth day or the beginning of a new season… even national doughnut day!
All of these things have inspired me in the past to create pages that I love.

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