This week Get Messy launched a new online course - messy pages. 

Created by the wonderful Tanyalee, the course is all about not being afraid to make a mess in your art journal and how to tap into that inner child of freedom and play.

I had such a great time creating the pages below from the lesson on abstract backgrounds and fully intend to finish the course!

For me, it is a great class to dip in and out of; especially when you're feeling low on inspiration or wanting to try something new.

Not all of my pages that I am sharing today were techniques taught in the class - some I just did from being inspired by watching Tanaylee create. This is the one thing I love most about online classes in video format. I feel like I am working alongside a friend. I'm not directly copying or mimicking, I am going off on my own tangents and discovering new skills!

My journal mound after an afternoon with the class! 

Messy Fingers

I created this ombre effect by mixing acrylic with my fingertips

The opportunity to create a pattern with my messy hands was too good to pass on!

Ever since the last get messy season - Art 101, I have become a bit besotted with mixing my paints. Something I never really did before. This palette is just perfection - I was so proud that I made that mint colour myself!

I was using an old edition of treasure island as my art journal here. The right side textures are made by pressing down my palette onto the page. On the left, I was playing with blocking colours.

Similar to one of my previous pages, Tiger, this was created by layers of acrylic paint and alternate brush strokes. 

I started to play with the ombre theme again here. I added splashes of ink to get that lovely wet bleed through

This is a very simple but super effective technique of building up layers of colourful lines, again with acrylic.
This page reminds me of deckchairs and ice creams..

I hope this post has made you inspired to check this course out!
You can find out more about it and how to sign up here


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