GET MESSY 2017 | ART 101 | WEEK 5

This week I followed Elizabeth's tutorial on drawing. Elizabeth's blog and writing style is one of my most favorite so I felt fully enthused to try her various techniques. I also felt empowered by her sentiment that drawing is just a bunch of shapes and we can all make shapes - right?!

I don't like this page but I wanted to put all my drawing experiments into one real "sketchbook" page. 
Trying out ideas, playing and seeing what does and doesn't work for me. 

The bottom corner is drawn with my left hand - I am in love with the naive lettering!

My favorite piece I made this week. Swirly and abstract - this is my comfort zone!


 Also - I am still continuously building layers on this piece. It's from a tutorial that Pam shared on the Get Messy blog that I am trying really hard to push myself to do. Hopefully it'll be finished (and not in the bin) by the end of the season... which is next week! 

I am taking part again in the 100 day project this year and have chosen #100daysoftryingtodraw as my challenge. 
So get used to seeing more weird versions of real things from me in the coming months!


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  1. Well done, Jules, on showing even the pages you don't like much! I struggled with it this season, but I posted ALL of them anyway. Just for personal progress check. And accountability. :)
    Love your 100 day project idea! If I were to do this project, I would also choose something connected with drawing and sketching. This is what I am really into these days. I'm just afraid I won't keep up with the whole 100 day thing. :)

    1. Thank you! It's hard to publish something you don't really like but I'm with you on the accountability and personal progress aspect of it. And, oh man, the 100 day project can be a slog at times but so rewarding once completed!