GET MESSY 2017 | ART 101 | WEEK 1

 Welcome to a new season of Get Messy! The first of 2017! Yey! 

This season is Art 101, it's all about learning the tools of your trade, being introduced to new ones and life as an artist. I have decided to try as many as the tutorials as I can for this season, to focus on the materials and to learn new skills around them, rather than trying to complete "finished" pages each week. 

This week we had two tutorials, one from Sasha on watercolours and one from Vanessa on gouache.

Here I was trying to make dreamy watercolour backgrounds from Sasha's tutorial.... Not sure how well this worked but I can see it becoming excellent collage fodder in the future!

Sasha's other technique was using cellophane and watercolour - I loved this! I did make a weird mess in the right hand corner though so covered it with some acrylic. I then made a mini moonscape as well because the page felt all magical and sky-like.

Gouache! I have only 2x tubes of gouche, one from college (pushing 10 years old) and one that Ammie sent me last week! I was very happy as the one from Ammie was the same as one V mentioned in the tutorial. Vanessa's tutorial was centred around drawing faces with the medium, playing with the opaque-ness. My faces were awful so I gave up and made this patterned page instead. As a tool I never use, I think I could really learn to love and enjoy gouache. I especially liked my discarded paint palette and tissue blots below! 


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  1. I'm drawn to the bottom piece - those colors are so great together.

    1. Thanks Lea, a happy accident that they are my only gouache's ! ;)

  2. I think I've already said this, but you are so magical to me! You manage to make any prompt or tutorial 100% Jules! I love it! Don't stress about that first watercolor technique! First, it can always be used for collage, and second - try using color of the same color group for this. It will make everything tie together! :* As for that second page - I can't stop staring at it! That moon and stars are such a perfect addition! <3 Yep, and even gouache become 100% YOU! ;)