Today I am sharing Lauren's green journal. I was the second person (after Lauren) to work in this journal, I love following her because she has such a playful and vibrant style! The whole Color Blast group will be sharing their work today, so make sure to have a look around everyone's :) 

Color Blast 2017:

Julia - Orange
Vanessa - Grey
Lauren Brown - Green
Lauren Blood - Purple
Moriah - Crimson
Sarah - Mint
Riet - Yellow

The green journal is super cute and tiny, from Lauren's recent visit to Hong Kong.

We all will have to add in our music of choice when creating.. 

My jungle pattern on the left, Lauren's collage on the right

My childlike scribbles on the left, Lauren's collage on the right.

A 1975 quote for the obsessed fan that Lauren is! 

The green journal is now on it's way to see Sarah in America! 


  1. I now want a green themed journal. :)

    1. Start one! I always look on your blog when we share our journals, I can't get used to you not being part of it! :`(

  2. Your pages are so full of energy!

  3. I love what you have done!!! Green is looking amazing! So exciting :)