Today is a very exciting yet surreal day. Myself, Katie and Vanessa were interviewed by the lovely Caylee Grey for the podcast How she creates. We talk all things zine squad; how it started, what we love most about the process, how we choose our subjects and victims and what our goals are as a collective. 

I enjoy the series of how she creates so much as a listener, there are times when I am listening in traffic and wish I was at my art desk because I am so inspired! It seems just crazy that I and the squad are now part of this amazing line up that has been the first series. 

As part of our episode, we made a series of printable collages. These are elements from previous zines, artwork by all three of us. The idea is to inspire people to cut them up and create their own collages. This is sort of the essence of a zine, something totally unique and one off. The printables are available to everyone who subscribes to the how she creates podcasts!   

Because we couldn't resist, we have each created new collages from these printables... 

You can listen to our episode here, see Vanessa's collages here and Katie's here

We hope you enjoy it and are inspired to make things! 


You can find all of our other zines here and to see sneak peeks and progress shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram!


  1. Jules, I love that you made so many pages with the collage sheets. It was fun to revisit these elements, no? My favourite is Viva la Squad. I'll say it again....we need t-shirts!

    1. Maybe I got slightly carried away, they were so much fun! T-shirts would be amazing! <3 :D

    2. Jules is such an overachiever. :D Hehe