Since joining Get Messy in 2015, I have committed myself to weekly journalling. For most of the time, Get Messy is in seasons, where you get prompts around a certain theme every week. In between these 6 week long seasons, there is a 2 week break but I choose to continue creating during this time. 

We have just finished up the season of gifts and Get Messy is gearing up for the new year with new seasons, a new creative team (which I am honored to be part of!) and a new website layout. 

My pages for this week though - they were purely cathartic and I'm so happy that they look as good as they felt to make!

I was feeling very overwhelmed this week and these pages just made me feel like a weight was lifted. I am looking forward to the new new year - the year of the Rooster next week. I'm not affiliated to Chinese culture at all, I just feel like my January has been a bit rocky and am looking eagerly to another fresh beginning!

Getting lost in the details of the multi coloured stripes... 


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  1. Inky goodness! <3 I hope the rooster is kind to you!

  2. Sometimes, it can be hard to express what you might be feeling. Being a man we are taught in life and society today that it is weak to show emotion, that we must always be tough. I admire you for showing how you feel through art and allowing your creativity to flow through you. It’s best to let those emotions come through at your own pace.

    Simon Quinn @ Marine Dealer Solutions