We are nearing the end of the season of gifts with get messy. It's been a weird season for me, I feel like I've always been distracted and not really willing to put myself into my art. I don't want to force anything but I tried to be a bit more free this week, to go back to doing what I love and what feels natural to me when confronted with a blank page. I was inspired by Katie Licht's collages and some of my old mood boards from work. 

We were prompted to think about what we as individuals bring to the world this week, and I think my pages reflect that entirely.  

Every Detail
- collage, acrylic & tombows

This is one of my new years resolutions, to try and be more detailed and focused. Less darting around and more thorough. It's not in my nature so is something I have to actually concentrate on. Smudging paint around a page like this makes me feel ALIVE. I live for it. 

I think I can
- collage, ink & sharpie

This was a real back to basics style for me. I feel entirely at home creating like this and I love this page so much. It speaks to me and represents me, right now. 

- collage, ink & sharpie 

I've always been a little off beat - at school my nickname was peculiar Julia (!!) I have always embraced this oddness and I like to think it's my biggest attribute. 


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