This is the latest I have posted my creative habit of art journaling each week for the year. I have just been swamped in all aspects recently - mind, life, work... ! 

I created these pages at the end of a crazy week and even though they aren't much, they helped me calm myself, organise my thoughts and relax.

Guilty days

- collage & tombows

The eye is from a painting I did in my final year of college. It was a my little pony and took me nearly a whole term to complete. I collaged my old school reports underneath the painted parts and it was about leaving my childhood behind. I don't remember why I ripped it up, but I love having the pieces to re-use. 


- collage, washi & tombows

I have an eternal wanderlust inside of me 

What Works?
- collage & tombows

More pony painting parts in this collage. I am in a situation currently which is difficult emotionally and close to my heart. Something that will ultimately have a sad ending and it makes me feel very helpless. Turning these feelings into vibrant art pages helps me though. I don't know why, it just does. 


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