Welcome to a new get messy season! We are now exploring the season of gifts. Taking stock of the year so far and preparing for 2017. 

- collage & pen

I cut up the background of a previous page to make my expressive lines around Selma (me). My year has been pretty full with equally good and bad news and events. I feel like this has been a very adult year for me and as I approach my 30's. I am vowing to make next year fun and full of adventure and fearlessness as it is the last official one before I enter a new decade. 

Just mine
- collage, pen, ink & water

I posted a tutorial on the get messy website about creating effects with ink and water, seeing everyone's take on this got me inspired to put it into my journals again! I love how quick and simple the technique is and it never looks bad or the same. 

All directions
- collage & pen

A quick synopsis of the past year. 


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