Our latest zine squad collaboration is one of my personal favourites. Vanessa made this beautiful journal with different textured papers and by the time the zine got to me, it was almost finished. I was last to create some secret garden pages before it went to it's rightful owner, Riet

The cover, I think we all left it bare because the paper itself is so pretty!

Left page is mine, right page is Vanessa. I added some washi and a strip of peach felt tip to Vanessa's page. Mine on the left is a floral felt tipped pattern with a welcome note. 

Adding more felt tip florals to Vanessa's double spread. I also added the paper flower on the left fold-out. 

My double spread. Inky goodness across two paper types. 

Again, Vanessa's pages and my floral felt tip pattern.. I can't help myself! 

I'm pretty sure the magazine and vellum additions are Vanessa's work. I added the label maker text and the inky sunflowers. 

A washi collage page. I could of created on the left hand page as well but like the simplicity and transparency of the handmade paper as it is. 

My favourite pages I made for this zine! I used tombows, stencils and left over confetti from my friends wedding. 

My final (the final) page. A dedication to home town glory with washi, collage and my label maker. 


The collaborators for this zine were;

Katie, Meghan, Vanessa & Myself

You can find all of our other zines here and to see sneak peeks and progress shots, follow @zinesquad on instagram!