This and last October, I have participated in the instagram challenge of #inktober. You get a list of prompts, one for every day of the month and post your response every day along with literally thousands of other creatives. I staggered my posts by doing 2x at a time and worked in a different way to how I usually approach this kind of challenge. I made all of my pages an abstract interpretation of the prompt (except box, that threw me. I just painted a box!). Looking at the prompts this way really made me think and consider each word, how I would put the ink down, what colours would represent the word correctly for me, what brush to use, ETC. I used the same mixed set of Windsor and Newton inks (the ones that weren't sealed together by inky layers, I need to take better care of my art supplies!) as well as the same option of 3 paintbrushes; small, medium and fat. 

Below are all my pages made for this project... 


I really love inktober (inks in general) any other participants?!


  1. I'm loving the color scheme of all these pages!

    1. Thank you Ivy! It was a bit of an abstract selection but I love the effect :) <3