This week Clare and Vanessa  both hosted get messy live Facebook sessions. I started off this mini series and blogged about it and my pages here

This week, i journalled in my daily moleskine whilst watching Clare and then played along with Vanessa's art journal game! I was asleep when this was originally live, so played catch-up the next evening. We were given a series of steps by V and were able to watch her take on these steps whilst making our own pages. Mine are below... 

- acrylic, collage, gold paint & felt tip

- acrylic, collage, gold paint, washi & felt tip

Kill the king
- acrylic, collage, gold paint, washi & felt tip

During the live broadcast, Vanessa was mentioning the recent elections in the US and whilst not being American (like myself) how it had affected her, as a woman. Naturally, these elements flowed into my pages too and I used lyrics from Christine and the queens as my text. They seemed to fit just right. 

Tell me
- ink, collage & tombows

A page I made before the game started! I am still venting about life things that put me out of sync recently. Mainly to do with my identity and career. 

Art always helps! 


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