This week I have been crazy busy, so I made all my get messy pages in the mornings before I went to work.

This was a bit of a revelation for me as I wasn't able to complete anything in one go. They all took 3 days (mornings) to create in total. I usually hate doing this sort of thing, I am an all or nothing, quick creator but I found returning to the same page a day later quite refreshing. I used the same "recipe" for each page as well, so they hang really nicely together. 

A City
- acrylic, collage & label maker

I don't want to know
- acrylic, collage & washi 

- acrylic, collage & label maker

A few weeks ago, I saw that Torrie had posted a picture of her kitchen towel scraps. I have kept this piece from when I took part in inktober and I didn't know what to do with it - just that I loved it. So inspired by Torrie, I'll be making some scrap journal pages with it for sure! 


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